Manifesting & Aligning All 2019

Happy New Year everyone!!

I am feeling so hopeful about this new year.

If you read my last post you know I made my vision board this past Sunday. I had such an amazing time attending my second vision board party ever. My friend Jazzmen put together a small and intimate vision board party for some of her close friends for the second year. It’s becoming a tradition among our friend group . It actually felt good to meet up with the same faces from last year and a few new ones. We had a ball: sipping, eating, talking, and manifesting our goals for the new year. This year I brought Aaron along with me and although he was the only guy by the end of the night I could tell everyone loved him lol.


Originally, I had all these specific plans and outlines I wanted to follow while making my vision board. I wanted to write down exact numbers and be more concrete with my planning. I cut out the exact salary number I wanted to make this year and I was trying to figure out the exact weight goal I wanted to reach this year. Well as I said in my last post God has the final say. As soon as I start putting my vision board together this quote jumped out at me:

“Don’t let numbers define you!”


So of course, I took a second to think about what I just read. I realized I may be blocking my blessings with all these specific number goals. I can’t limit God’s plan for my life. So as I kept going I also stumbled across this quote:

“Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

Another quote that had me shook while making my vision board. I was sent these signs because God wants me to trust His process. I will stop trying to plan everything and rush God for my own agenda. Throughout my life God has blessed me abundantly and I don’t take enough time to just sit and enjoy what he has done thus far. I am always looking toward my next big thing.

This year I am working on my patience. I am no longer forcing or working toward what’s next but instead taking more time to be thankful for what I have and aligning myself up with what’s to come. I did not included anything on my board about salary, job, career, or blogging. I did not put any exact travel destinations or relationship goals. I do not want to focus on numbers, performance, or expectations. With hard work those things will naturally gravitate toward me.

While making my vision board, I cut out and glued the words “define you” on my board but I decided to move it to make room for other pictures. Well when I moved it the words tore and I could no longer use them. I then found the word “improve”, cut it out and pasted on my board. The process of me tearing the words “define you” and replacing them with the word “improve” was a small lesson in itself. In the past, I’ve been so eager and sometimes impatiently trying to define myself that I drove myself insane. Instead of being hell bent on trying to define myself, I’m realigning that energy and using it to focusing on ways to improve.

Small changes can lead to big results. So instead of setting a salary goal for myself I’m setting goals on how to improve myself professionally and financially. I will save a particular amount a month and pay down debt but I will not obsess over particulars when it comes to money. I’m not going to stress about buying a house or condo, instead I will continue transforming my place into a sanctuary, my happy place. Praying for the next place God has for me. Improving myself on more a spiritual and personal level is the ultimate goal. Working out at least three times a week. Changing my eating habits not for a goal weight but for my overall health.

Less material goals and more spiritual alignment. I will work on fixing the inside and let the rest fall into play.

I will not let numbers define me. I will develop healthy and productive habits in order to reach my life goals. I will be more still this year in order to hear God. I also plan to limit my screen time as well because it’s no secret that the internet can make us feel rushed. Life is short. The pressure to perform up to everyone else’s expectations is real. I will learn to relax, meditate, let go and allow God to work.

At times I can get so eager to reach a goal that I end up rushing and settling. No more of that. Quality over quantity. I’m working to improve my habits, manifesting, aligning, and enjoying what I currently have.

Let’s make this year count for our love ones who didn’t make it to see the new year images.png

Cheers to 201910454-firework-sparkler

Thanks for reading and we’ll talk more next week!


Rest in Peace Abe images

After graduating with my BA in Communications specializing in Public Relations, I gained experience in fashion merchandising, wardrobe styling, event planning, branding, office administration, and marketing. When I'm not working, I am active in the art and fashion community in the Bay Area and throughout California. Working behind the scenes at events like LA Fashion Week, Sacramento Fashion Week, SFA Student Showcase and accompanying costume designers like Michael Costello has helped build my knowledge and business relationships in the fashion world. I am just a fashionista and creative writer, who loves thrifting. I absolutely love all things Beyonce as well. I grew up a book worm so if I'm not binge watching TV shows or listening to podcasts, most likely I have my nose in a book. I started this blog after college as a first generation graduate learning, growing, and struggling to figure life out. In hopes of aligning others on a similar quest, I blog about my journey through career obstacles, the ends and outs of love, surviving gentrification in the Bay Area, the fashion & art community, mental hygiene in the black community, and pop culture. I also give lifestyle tips on natural wellness, natural hair, being a plant mom, and DIY projects. I write as a form of healing and self care, I pray that sharing my journey will help motivate community healing, therapy and growth for black creatives & entrepreneurs.

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  1. That was a great post Talisha❣️ I’m so proud of you😍

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