Bye October

Happy Halloween everyone!

I am SO HAPPY today is the last day of this horrible month.

As you all know I lost my job at the end of last month so this month started off pretty sucky. All thanks God I found a new one really fast. Well this week I found out I lost my car too 😦


I was in a car accident. Thank God I am okay and 100% insured. I am currently researching a new car but this month has not been my month man. I know that November will bring new beginnings and new blessings.

I have so many things to celebrate in the month of November!

Starting off this weekend is the Claim Your Crown Fest launch party in Sacramento and I am beyond excited! We have officially sold out!!!


What a blessing that so many people support and believe in our new venture! I am so proud of what we have built in this short amount of time. We already have product vendors, big name sponsors, live performers, videographers, writers, photographers, hair stylists, and a chef on board with our vision! All I can say is there’s a blessing in the storm. This process hasn’t been easy but I can truly say I believe in everything Ayana and I are working to build.

I’ll be in Vegas next weekend celebrating my little sisters 21st birthday!🎈🎈

The weekend after that is the Claim Your Crown Fest Launch Party in Oakland!! Presale Tickets are still available on eventbrite

And on top of all that I will be celebrating my blogiversary November 16th!! I have been blogging and you guys have been reading my posts for 1 whole year!!! 🎉🎉🎊🎊

I had every intention on being deep and thought provoking in my writing this week. I actually wanted to write a new poem about all the emotions I’ve been feeling but honestly I’ve been so busy trying to deal with everything life is throwing me that I didn’t have time to do that at all.

I just want to take this opportunity to reflect on the lessons I’ve learned this week. I watched the Red Table Talk with Will and Jada and it really made me sit and reevaluate not only my relationships but my whole outlook on life.

The parts that stuck out to me was when Will discussed how his ego and selfishness became a problem in their relationship. Because Will was raised seeing his dad abuse his mom, he made it his life goal to be the complete opposite of what he saw growing up. He wanted so bad to create the perfect family picture that he did not even stop to ask or consider what his wife and kids wanted. His ego wanted to create this perfect picture of a family even if it meant everyone else was miserable.

…I am guilty of that as well.

I work so hard to create an image of myself, my relationship, and my future. I want so bad to do everything my parents didn’t do that I do not give myself the room to actually live and make mistakes. I beat myself up whenever life interruptions happen that aren’t apart of my plan or picture. The expectations I place on myself are monstrous. This all steams from pride and ego. Most things I do is to prove things to myself. Other people’s opinions really don’t matter to me as much as my own opinion matters so what am I working so hard to prove to myself? I am running myself crazy trying to live up to my own dreams. I need to be more gentle with myself for the sake of my sanity. Once I let go of the picture I have for myself then I will be able to relax more in every aspect of my life. Letting go of these super high expectations and allowing things to naturally come is the goal. Peace is more important than things.

I am understanding that faith and trust in God means not fully knowing or understanding everything that happens in life. I can beat myself up for making mistakes  or I can step back and realize that God is taking me through this for a reason.

Blind Trust.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

“You don’t have to be strong all of the time. You don’t have to be brave at every turn. You don’t have to be whole to be fully loved. Give yourself compassion. We are all doing the best we can. You are not alone.” – alex elle

It isn’t enough to just speak of healing and self care. Positive self talk is easy when things are running smoothly. All this light and positivity is really put to the test when things get hard. In the middle of a storm the hardest part is finding peace. In the middle of having my world turned upside down, the last thing I am thinking about is meditation and a self care routine. But these situations where these decompression practices are most needed.

Multiple people have told me it’s a blessing nothing happen to me after seeing my car. I was at a car dealership yesterday and after telling the car salesman what happen he said “Wow and you don’t have a scratch on you, God really loves you.”

There’s a blessing in the storm.

I am favored. I am a child of God.

Right now my essential oil diffuser, fresh flowers, house plants, hair and facial masks, body oils, shea butter, books, prayers and positive affirmations are keeping me going. I keep reminding myself that the things I have lost are material and worldly items that can be replaced. I am blessed to still be here, in my right mind, in good health, and surrounded by loved ones. Don’t let the pursuit of success let you forget the things that matter most.


Thanks for reading & we’ll talk more next week!


As a child I wanted to help the world. I wanted to be a neonatal pediatrician. I wanted to travel the world to help women and children during labor and delivery. I watched a tv special on Oprah about women and children in other countries dying at alarming rates during child birth because of lack of resources and I was inspired to somehow save the world one baby at a time. Since then, my vision has slightly changed. My profession isn’t in medicine but I still want to improve women’s health. My focus is still the same, I still have a dream of changing the world. I have now taken a natural holistic approach to tackling women’s health. Beauty and fashion has been a hobby turned obsession of mine. From reading magazines to wardrobe styling to modeling to orchestrating runway shows I dedicated my whole life to the beauty and fashion industry. As time passed, I began to search for the deeper meaning behind the intricate fabrics, fancy shoes, hair and makeup. I have found that health, beauty and fashion are more connected than I thought. My outlet is writing. Through my writing I hope to spark minds and impact individuals to dig deeper.

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  1. I love it per usual buuuuuut yall in Vegas? Let us pray ….

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