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Naturals Know How To Party

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Soooo last week, I finally published my first short story for you all to read!! I’ve received so many great and positive responses. I’m so excited you guys enjoy my creative writing. I’ve become more comfortable sharing my writing which was a huge obstacle for me to get over. It’s scary sometimes thinking about how people will receive it. In the words of Muva Badu, I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit lol.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be hard AF!!


With all the changes taking place in my life, I’ve had the room to exercise my creativity more. I’ve been meeting so many creative people through my new job, Aaron’s art events, and the blogger community.

I am currently stepping outside my comfort zone yet again to work on a bigger business venture. I’ve partnered with my friend Ayana Shakira, to build a local natural hair community and festival called the Claim Your Crown Fest.  Our goal is to have a natural hair festival every year here in Northern California. We do not have events like Afro Punk and Curl Fest here in California so our plan is to make that happen!


This is such a big project it is overwhelming to think about sometimes but there’s no doubt in my mind that we are creating something epic. We are both so passionate about this community we are building. We have been meeting every week and touring different venues for our launch parties set in November. We are blessed to have friends who also believe in the vision, so with the extra help everything is coming together very nicely. Our first launch party is set for November 4th in Sacramento at Keela Hair Studio. The second event will be in at an artist lounge in Oakland on November 18th. I will post the flyers with the details soon so keep an eye out for that.

Our goal is to create a safe space in Northern California for black naturalistas. We plan to host hair workshops, profession mixers, outdoor events, and parties where individuals can watch live performances, attend hair workshops, buy and sell natural products, and learn more about healthy hair care. If you are interested in being apart of the fun you are more than welcome to join the community!

Find us on Instagram @ClaimYourCrownFest

Our Facebook group is Claim Your Crown Fest

& We are currently working on our logo, landing page, eventbrite and setting up a Meet Up!

The love and support we are already receiving on this project is amazing especially because this is just the beginning! We have so much in store for the future


I decided to give you all a preview of what I’ve been working on. Stay tuned for the next Artist Highlight as well! Working on multiple things at once can get overwhelming and I lose alot of sleep trying to make everything perfect but starting this blog has taught me to go after what I want in life, even if everything isn’t perfect. I refuse to get in my own way.  The reality is everything is in life everything isn’t going to be neat, organized, and structured perfectly. Sometimes my dreams are so big they scare the shit out of me or I sit wondering “girl how you gonna pull this off??”. LOL But I’ll never know unless I just do it! *Shoutout to Nike!

Lastly I want to announce that my blog has officially made it to 100 WordPress followers!!! I am so very thankful for every single one of you who clicks the link in bio, and actually read my articles every week! LOL This means more to me than you guys will ever know! November 16th will be my one year blogiversary! This has been the most transformational year of my life. I have proved to myself that I have what it takes to make things happen when I put my mind to it. My writing has always been something I’ve kept to myself and this year alone has really proved to me the potential of my talents. I am so very grateful for my life and the opportunities I’ve had big or small. Life isn’t easy at all. Living in the Bay Area is expensive AF. I stress out and worry about things way more than I should but I love seeing the results of my hard work. To all my faithful readers, family, and friends know that you motivate me every single day.

Thanks for reading & we’ll talk more next week!


P.S. I’m going to see On The Run Tour II this weekend!!!! YAASSSSSS BITCHHHHHHH

As a child I wanted to help the world. I wanted to be a neonatal pediatrician. I wanted to travel the world to help women and children during labor and delivery. I watched a tv special on Oprah about women and children in other countries dying at alarming rates during child birth because of lack of resources and I was inspired to somehow save the world one baby at a time. Since then, my vision has slightly changed. My profession isn’t in medicine but I still want to improve women’s health. My focus is still the same, I still have a dream of changing the world. I have now taken a natural holistic approach to tackling women’s health. Beauty and fashion has been a hobby turned obsession of mine. From reading magazines to wardrobe styling to modeling to orchestrating runway shows I dedicated my whole life to the beauty and fashion industry. As time passed, I began to search for the deeper meaning behind the intricate fabrics, fancy shoes, hair and makeup. I have found that health, beauty and fashion are more connected than I thought. My outlet is writing. Through my writing I hope to spark minds and impact individuals to dig deeper.

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  1. I would really love to organize something like this is Nigeria and I’m really thinking about whether to go for it or not. I would love to attend a hair fest though.

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