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Preparing for Summer with Moroccan Tansy

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Recently I was asked to be a product model for the Bay Area based vegan skincare line Moroccan Tansy. I have blogged about their products in the past but never expected to become the face of their brand.

This was such a great opportunity! In the past, I have been a hair/ product model for  beauty salons in Sacramento, but this was my very first time modeling a skincare brand. I was pretty nervous because I struggle with skin and I have my own personal insecurities when it comes to my skin. I’m also not a size 4/6 anymore so modeling on the beach was pretty intimidating.

The experience was actually amazing! The shoot was at the Gray Whale Cove State beach, located on the Pacific coast. The weather was perfect we shot later in the evening so we had great sunset lighting. The Founder of Moroccan Tansy, Monica Lazrek had everything planned out. She provided the swimsuit and cover ups. There was an assistant on site that made sure everything ran smoothly. The photographer was really helpful and great to work with. This was hands down the most professional photo shoot I’ve had. The team made sure I was content and always comfortable.


“I think you are very beautiful and having an African American woman represent my brand is a big win. Part of what makes my brand unique is we are not the cookie cutter skincare, we stand out and we offer affordable luxury to make every women feel beautiful! :)” – Monica Lazrek, Founder of Moroccan Tansy

Here are details of the products I modeled:

Shoot 536-45.jpg

The Moroccan Tansy body butter contains a potent dose of blue tansy! The essential oil is the dominant ingredient, providing a luscious whipped and easy to apply cream, that goes on light and non-greasy.
A little goes a long way!
Hand-whipped with Moroccan blue chamomile butter and blue tansy, prickly pear, raspberry and rose water to create a fluffy texture, this cream promotes healing, rejuvenates the skin and protects against UV rays from the sun! It’s also packed with antioxidants that regenerate the skin cells and is an anti-aging remedy, safe to use daily
Recommended for those with mature, sun damaged and sensitive skin.
Shoot 536-41.jpg


For a silky and soft all over feel, Blue Tansy body oil will thoroughly nourish your skin. Formulated with shea, prickly pear and watermelon oil, it will help soothe irritated skin, in tandem reducing the appearance of stretch marks and discoloration. Packed with free radicals to target problem areas, this oil absorbs easily into the skin leaving a non-greasy, soft, smooth feeling!
Above and beyond the hydrating benefits, blue tansy oils can heal scars and provide you with a calming feeling inside and out. It’s perfect for those with sensitive and dehydrated skin.


Shoot 536-38 (1).jpg

Made with blue tansy essential oil and hydrosol, this invigorating wash will leave you feeling fresh and clean all over. It works hard to polish away dead skin cells, buffing and leaving your skin moisturized and replenished. It’s great for baths and foot baths too! This amazing wash is packed with vitamins to give the skin a rejuvenated feeling.
This wash lathers to make sure that you are cleaned from head to toe. Once applied, you’ll be swept away by the aromatherapy. Use this to awaken your senses when starting a new day, or soak in a bath of it to relieve stress at the end of a long one!
Recommended for those with sensitive and/or dry skin.



The Perfect Trio for beach days this summer!

Shoot 536-35.jpg


Thank you reading guys & we’ll talk more next week!


As a child I wanted to help the world. I wanted to be a neonatal pediatrician. I wanted to travel the world to help women and children during labor and delivery. I watched a tv special on Oprah about women and children in other countries dying at alarming rates during child birth because of lack of resources and I was inspired to somehow save the world one baby at a time. Since then, my vision has slightly changed. My profession isn’t in medicine but I still want to improve women’s health. My focus is still the same, I still have a dream of changing the world. I have now taken a natural holistic approach to tackling women’s health. Beauty and fashion has been a hobby turned obsession of mine. From reading magazines to wardrobe styling to modeling to orchestrating runway shows I dedicated my whole life to the beauty and fashion industry. As time passed, I began to search for the deeper meaning behind the intricate fabrics, fancy shoes, hair and makeup. I have found that health, beauty and fashion are more connected than I thought. My outlet is writing. Through my writing I hope to spark minds and impact individuals to dig deeper.

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  1. Winning! You look gorgeous….keep glowing!💕

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