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Happy Wednesday Everyone!

This week will be dedicated to all the Mothers! I am not a Mommy yet but I was raised by a phenomenal tribe of women.


The older I get the more I realize just how important the women in my life are. The strength and sacrifice it takes to be a mother is unmatched. Mothers aren’t perfect nor will they ever be but they are the strongest people on the planet.

I didn’t always think of my mom as strong. As a child, I believed that my dad was the only strong person in the house. He was the only hero and his job was to protector all us girls. I soon realized I was very wrong. I will forever be a Daddy’s girl but I grew to understand my mother’s power.


The home invasion we experienced and the divorce of my parents changed my perspective on a whole lot of things. Throughout everything my mom never left my side. I was terrified. I would wake up in the middle of the night crying because of the trauma and nightmares. I had a hard time feeling safe anywhere and my mom went above and beyond to make sure I was okay. My mom made sure no matter what my sister and I was safe. All of our sudden life changes are what made me realize my moms true resilience.

My mom, sister, and I moved 2 hours away from our entire family. My mom bought a beautiful house for us and made sure we were in a great community. She always reminded me that her goal was to give us a better life than she had growing up. So when I would act out or bring home bad grades that was always the moral of her lectures and punishments. ugh lol My mother has been my example of commitment and dedication when it comes to parenting. Anyone and everyone who knows my mom, knows her first priority is her kids.


My mom kept a vow with herself and us that she would be totally focused on being a mom until my sister (her baby) graduated high school. When we were younger my mom barely ever went out with friends or on dates. It became annoying how attentive she was but I appreciate everything she did to let us know she was always there. Now that we are older, seeing my mom enjoy her life and crossing things off her bucket list makes me so happy!

I would not be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for Takisha Smith. My confidence, my strong will, my ability to communicate and stand up for myself, my big heart, my smart mouth, my ambition, my drive, my work ethic, and my courage all comes from my mom. She is my best friend. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t call my mom for advice. The first time my boyfriend body painted me live on stage, I was scared out of my mind so I called my mom. She told me “Talisha, you are going to be fine! He’s going to make it very tasteful and you’ve modeled plenty of times you have nothing to be afraid of.” She is literally my biggest supporter and my #1 fan!

Everyone who meets my mom loves her. All of my friends LOVE my mom. Anytime I catch up with old friends it never fails, “I miss your mom! Tell her I said hi!” lol Any guy I’ve dated knew that my mom didn’t play because I would let them know “my mom told me I am the prize!” All my friends wanted to hang out at my house because we had all the best snacks, we got to stay up late, watch R rated movies, listen to music, and play video games. My mom even let us go to house parties and teen clubs without an official curfew. (Basically she was the cool mom!)

Lol I have a friend who recently told me she will never forget how inviting my mom was while she was pregnant our Senior year of high school. Unlike most of her other friends parents, my mom never judged her, gave her advice, and always made her feel welcome.

The thing I love most about my mother’s strength is that she knows her worth and never settles for anything else. I was upset with her and my dad after the divorce. But as I began to date and go through my own storms, I realized just how much my mom had to endure. Most women keep their family together no matter how unhealthy or toxic the environment is. My mom explained to me the hardest thing she had to do was leave but she refused to raise her daughters to think it is okay to be treated less than what we deserve.

My mom showed me that having a man and being married doesn’t validate my existence. Women are strong, beautiful and powerful all on their own. Thanks to my mom I am able to witness that everyday. My mom showed me that having a degree does not validate my existence either. While these things are valuable, a marriage and a degree will not guarantee happiness or success.

My mom has worked since the age of 13 and everything she has she bought on her own. (I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T *in my Webbie voice*) She is the definition of independent.

My mom is my financial adviser, real estate agent, counselor, and life coach. She has had me and my sister in church our whole lives. God, family and education are things my mom do not play about. I have personally seen people judge her and count my mom out but she continues to persevere every single time. My mom has done the unthinkable and achieved so many things. I am so proud of her. She is my biggest blessing!

I love you mom! You deserve the world and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure you get it! 💗


In honor of Mother’s day, I want to include this great video of Jada Pinket Smith sitting down with her mother and her daughter Willow Smith to discuss the ups and downs of Motherhood. Jada also have a discussion with Will Smith’s ex wife Sheree about Co-Parenting.



P.S. Here are my favorite looks from this years Met Gala


Thanks for reading guys! We’ll talk more next week ✨



As a child I wanted to help the world. I wanted to be a neonatal pediatrician. I wanted to travel the world to help women and children during labor and delivery. I watched a tv special on Oprah about women and children in other countries dying at alarming rates during child birth because of lack of resources and I was inspired to somehow save the world one baby at a time. Since then, my vision has slightly changed. My profession isn’t in medicine but I still want to improve women’s health. My focus is still the same, I still have a dream of changing the world. I have now taken a natural holistic approach to tackling women’s health. Beauty and fashion has been a hobby turned obsession of mine. From reading magazines to wardrobe styling to modeling to orchestrating runway shows I dedicated my whole life to the beauty and fashion industry. As time passed, I began to search for the deeper meaning behind the intricate fabrics, fancy shoes, hair and makeup. I have found that health, beauty and fashion are more connected than I thought. My outlet is writing. Through my writing I hope to spark minds and impact individuals to dig deeper.

9 comments on “My Shero

  1. Takisha

    That was absolutely beautiful Talisha. I love you and Jimmela SO much! Thanks for the kind words.

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  2. Aaron Beitia

    This weeks post was absolutely beautiful. Just reading it learning about who you are, your inspiration, your mom is a remarkable woman. It’s always a pleasure to learn from the heart who the person is and their side of the story keep being great and thank you for this weeks post keep’em coming lol 😂🙌🏾

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  3. Rochelle

    This is so beautiful, 😢 Made my eyes all watery☺️ 💕 Beautiful tribute to a beautiful mother 💐 You got one of the best💕

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  4. This almost brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful post.

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  5. Nothing compares to a mothers love, love this!!! We are so blessed to have the Queens we have in our lives.

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