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Two Days Until BEYCHELLA

Hi guys and gals,

Originally this was going to be a one word post:


That’s it. That’s all. No further explanation needed. Self explanatory. Simple. Straight to the point.


 “Thank you Coachella for allowing me to be the first black woman to headline.” – Queen Bey

I’m going to Coachella Weekend 2 and it’s literally all I can think about. LOL I’ve been trying my best to avoid the live stream performances from Weekend 1 but the short clips I did see … mind blown. According to one of Bey’s back up dancers the second weekend will be more wild than the first!


Anywho, although I am super excited about the Queen you guys deserve more than just one word this week hahaha I guessssss I will write out an actual post.

I have received so much positive feedback from my readers! The messages, follows, likes and comments give me so much motivation to not only keep growing as a writer but to keep creating and expanding my blog site. So thank you so much for the support guys!

Since I have the worst allergies I already know being in the desert all weekend is going to be crazy. I’ve been preparing myself and my skin for this trip. Last week I did a post about the Vegan Skincare line Moroccan Tansy. This week I wanted to share about the 7 day detox I am doing to prepare my skin for the dry desert.

My number one concern is sun damage, dryness, and irritation so this detox is hydrating and preparing my skin for what’s to come. It never fails I always experience some kind of break on family vacations. On vacations down south, I’ve always suffered from an insane amount of mosquito bites. Unfortunately my mosquito bites would become really red and swollen. Yea not a good time. On snow trips, I was the only one who would end up with frost bite. Frost bite on your face is also not fun. And of course in the heat I’ve gotten intense sun burn again on my face when it wasn’t protected.

So thanks to Moroccan Tansy I have been doing my 7 day detox and a weekly clay mask. I plan on fully preparing my skin for this trip lol

Here are more details about the 7-day Blue Tansy Detox Challenge:

25 Poppasome Tokens of Appreciation (1).png

Premium and 100% natural detoxifying experience:

  • Protects the skin against premature aging
  • Packed with Anti-oxidants and Anti-aging proteins
  • Heals sun damaged and scarred skin
  • Corrects acne blemishes and lightens acne scarring
  • Moisturizing care for very dry skin, overexposed skin 
  • Reduces under-eye bags and dark circles
  • Tightens the skin and prevents premature wrinkle formation
  • Balances natural moisture and will not clog pores
  • Decreases the depth and number of the wrinkles 
  • Protects the skin against free radicals
  • Promotes healing, firming and cell regeneration
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Soothes redness and itchiness
  • Calms irritated skin



Before bed last night I put on the Blue Tansy Clay Mask. This mask is formulated to help oily and sensitive skin. I applied a thin layer on my face, let it dry for about 5-10 mins then washed it off with warm water. Finished with 2-3 sprays of hydrosol.


I will also be using the Blue Tansy Bath Soak in preparation for this crazy weekend in the sun. The bath soak consists of authentic blue chamomile flowers to create an very soothing bath experience. The calming scent to is perfect for a self pampering session. I have tried a few different Lush bath bombs but this will be my first time trying a vegan homemade bath soak. I’m waiting until we get to our suite this weekend to use it in the big Jacuzzi tub lol I’ll be sure to take pictures and let you guys know how that goes.Dired-chamomile-flower-sitting-in-glass-bowl.jpg

For more information on the 7-day Blue Tansy Detox Challenge check out the ebook:


Purchase all Moroccan Tansy products here->

Because this is my first time at Coachella I am not sure what to expect but here’s my checklist of MUST HAVE items:

  • Allergy Medicine
  • Sunscreen
  • Moroccan Tansy Face Kit and Lip Balm
  • Bandana or visor hat
  • Glitter, face paint, temporary tattoos
  • Fenty Beauty Fairy Bomb/Body Lava
  • Sneakers/Boots
  • Backpack
  • Mini Alcohol Bottles, turn up!
  • Swimsuit
  • Nipple Pasties
  • Sunglasses
  • Jean Jacket
  • Blankets for the Roadtrip
  • Coachella Playlist:


As you can tell I am beyond excited!!! lol Can’t wait to post pictures and tell you guys all about my experience witnessing the Queen Bey LIVE

Thanks for reading we’ll talk more next week





After graduating with my BA in Communications specializing in Public Relations, I gained experience in fashion merchandising, wardrobe styling, event planning, branding, office administration, and marketing. When I'm not working, I am active in the art and fashion community in the Bay Area and throughout California. Working behind the scenes at events like LA Fashion Week, Sacramento Fashion Week, SFA Student Showcase and accompanying costume designers like Michael Costello has helped build my knowledge and business relationships in the fashion world. I am just a fashionista and creative writer, who loves thrifting. I absolutely love all things Beyonce as well. I grew up a book worm so if I'm not binge watching TV shows or listening to podcasts, most likely I have my nose in a book. I started this blog after college as a first generation graduate learning, growing, and struggling to figure life out. In hopes of aligning others on a similar quest, I blog about my journey through career obstacles, the ends and outs of love, surviving gentrification in the Bay Area, the fashion & art community, mental hygiene in the black community, and pop culture. I also give lifestyle tips on natural wellness, natural hair, being a plant mom, and DIY projects. I write as a form of healing and self care, I pray that sharing my journey will help motivate community healing, therapy and growth for black creatives & entrepreneurs.

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  1. You’re so lucky you’re gonna get to see queen BEY! Ahhhhh! Have fun and be safe girlfriend 🐝🐝🐝

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