Go Shawty, It’s Ya Birthday


First and Foremost thank you GOD for allowing me to see another year of life.

December 13th is the birthday of not only one but TWO bombshells. LOL (I honestly wish Victoria Secret would bring back their bombshell t-shirts) Anyways, like I was saying December 13th is me AND my mom’s birthday.  I know, i know lightning does strike twice sometimes. ☺️😂 I am soo thankful to be able to celebrate life with my mommy every year.

This year I turned 26 years old.

I now have my own health, dental, vision, and life insurance. This birthday the government forced me to stand on my own two feet. (cries in adult) I am officially a big girl, all my undergrad student discounts, and child insurance plans are gone!

My car is now officially in my name and I officially have my own car insurance for the first time ever. LOL I’ve been kicked off my parents insurance plans completely and I am now financially responsible for myself and my health. Scary. Excuse me while I mourn my old carefree lifestyle of partying hard and barely paying bills. *more crying*

I know I’m dramatic but I’m really not worried. I always handle my business.

The positive in all this is God has blessed me earlier this year, with a great job and a nice benefit package plus a pretty good support system .

The most important part is I am alive to see another year. Rest in Peace to my Big Cousin Mikie who passed away at the young age of 24 years old, my Uncle Dalvin who passed away at 21, and really everyone who didn’t get the chance to see 26. I wake up and work hard to make everyday worth it for you guys. ❤

My birthday fell on a Wednesday this year the same day as my job’s Christmas party. We went to Original Joe’s in the North Beach area of San Francisco. It was my first time at this restaurant. The food was great. I ordered the Filet Mignon and the Tiramisu cake. My boss had the waitress bring out my cake with a candle and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me.

When I returned to the office I had roses on my desk from my amazing boyfriend. He picked me up for dinner later that night.



He insisted on surprising me with my birthday plans for the night. I had no idea where we were going to eat. I noticed him texting someone on our way to the restaurant and you know my nosy self wanted to know what was up. We pulled up to a resturant called Homeroom, I’d never heard of it before. To my surprise, our friends were at the restaurant waiting for us! Aaron put together a birthday dinner for me and surprised with a beautiful portrait he painted of me.






*video by OMG visuals*

Needless to say, I had an amazing day.

To start off my birthday weekend, Friday night we got a room at the Red Lion Hotel, ordered takeout, drank wine, and watched a marathon of Martin all night. Lol

On Saturday, my sister, Aaron, and I took my mom to the JayZ: 4:44 tour. My mom is a HUGE JayZ fan and this was our first time seeing him in concert. The night was honestly indescribable. I can’t think of a better gift to give my mom. We had so much fun celebrating life.














After graduating with my BA in Communications specializing in Public Relations, I gained experience in fashion merchandising, wardrobe styling, event planning, branding, office administration, and marketing. When I'm not working, I am active in the art and fashion community in the Bay Area and throughout California. Working behind the scenes at events like LA Fashion Week, Sacramento Fashion Week, SFA Student Showcase and accompanying costume designers like Michael Costello has helped build my knowledge and business relationships in the fashion world. I am just a fashionista and creative writer, who loves thrifting. I absolutely love all things Beyonce as well. I grew up a book worm so if I'm not binge watching TV shows or listening to podcasts, most likely I have my nose in a book. I started this blog after college as a first generation graduate learning, growing, and struggling to figure life out. In hopes of aligning others on a similar quest, I blog about my journey through career obstacles, the ends and outs of love, surviving gentrification in the Bay Area, the fashion & art community, mental hygiene in the black community, and pop culture. I also give lifestyle tips on natural wellness, natural hair, being a plant mom, and DIY projects. I write as a form of healing and self care, I pray that sharing my journey will help motivate community healing, therapy and growth for black creatives & entrepreneurs.

5 comments on “Go Shawty, It’s Ya Birthday

  1. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a blast! That’s awesome. And omg you and your mother are twins!!!! Lol



    Awww Lish! ❤ I love you!! ❤ I LOVE your life!!! ❤

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