I’m baaccccckkkkkkkkkk!

Hi guys!

Thanksgiving is over. *sad face* My little break went by wayyyy too fast.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the much needed quality time at home with my family. We binge watched Queen Sugar which is an AMAZING show. I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it to clear out your schedule for a few days and watch the first 2 seasons. I am so impressed by Ava DuVernay and Oprah Winfrey, two incredibly fierce women making history. Watching the Season 2 Finale Special really inspired me as a black woman. It is a blessing to witness women who look like me on stage, breaking down barriers, and using their talent to provoke change. Not only the amazing actors on screen but seeing the dynamic all female team of directors in action, made me feel empowered . The future is most definitely female.

Honestly, truly. This is black excellence in its entirety.

Let’s just say Ava DuVernay is #Goals. After hearing Ava’s story,Β I actually had a dream that I was given 100 million dollar budget to create a platform to bring natural wellness to television.Β Of course, in my dream the first person I called was Francheska Medina aka @HeyFranHey . I’ve learned mostly everything I know about natural wellness, natural hair, essential oils, self care, skin care, mental health, healing and DIY health & beauty tips from listening to Fran on the Friend Zone Podcast every Wednesday.

Anyway, besides watching TV I did actually get out of the house while on break. I’m not a big fan of Black Friday shopping. After working retail, I realized how much of a headache and waste of time it actually is. The traffic is crazy, the stores are congested, and the deals are never really that great. But I still went to the mall because duh. I picked up some face products from Lush (blog post coming soon) and I finally got a camera for blogging!!!


Nothing super fancy just a starter camera, Canon Powershot SX420 to be exact.

I was really particular about getting a camera with WiFi so uploading photos would be quick and easy. I plan on uploading pictures and posts from my camera soon. My goal is to stay consistent and post at least once a week.

Next week’s focus will be fitness. I am by far no fitness guru or health freak so don’t worry this is a judgement-free guilt-free zone. (Shout out to Planet Fitness) I do not have hella tips and tricks on how to stay fit. Trust me, I am still trying to figure it out. I was really active in high school and even college but I have fell off. I mainly want to blog about trying to find time to workout, finding my pace, trying new yoga/ workout classes, and mainly my struggle with finding balance.

Welp, before I go just an reminder that my birthday is 14 days away!


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